Alkaline Batteries (No Mercury) AM3

  • Product Type: Alkaline Battery (No Mercury)
  • Place of origin: China
  • Model No: AM3, LR6, AA
  • Price Terms: FOB, CIF
  • Payment Terms: L/C, D/P, T/T
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Products Information

1. Scope
The specification is applicable to the "vinergy®" brand Alkaline Manganese Mercury Free Dry Batteries supplied by CHUNG PAK BATTERY WORKS, LTD.

2. Technical Specification

2.1Name (Desugbatuib) AM3 (Mercury free)
IEC Designation LR6
2.2 Dimensions
Height 14.5 m m
Height 50.5mm
2.3 Weight(approx) 23g
2.4 Nominal voltage 1.5V
2.5 Typocal capacity 2450m Ah at 75Ω 24hrs/day (E. V. 0.9V)
2.6 Typocal duration 380min at 3.9Ω 1 hrs/day (E.V0.8V)
76 hrs at 43Ω 4 hrs/day(E. V. 0.9V)

2.7 Outside shape dimensions and terminals
Dimensions of alkaline manganese dry battery LR6

A Max Min
B 50.5 49.2
C   49.2
D   7.0
E 0.5  
F 5.5  
G   1.0
ф 14.5 13.5
A: Overall height of battery
B: Height between contact terminals without pip
C: Outer diameter of negative terminal Contact area
E: Depression of negative terminal fromouter casing
F: Diameter of positice terminal within
The specifed projection height
G: Height of projected atea of prositive termian, exclusive part
ф:Diameter of battery



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